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Our history 

Studio99 is a web agency  born in 2013 in San Marino.
We are a team of passionate young individuals who can offer 360° solutions on online and offline advertising.

Studio99 is made up of a mix of professionals (technician and creative) working together with the goal of deliver unique and innovative products.  We are inspired by rationalism and design, balance and functionality, core values of Bauhaus.

The name Bauhaus is inspired by the medieval word Bauhütte, meaning the bricklayers' lodge, which symbolically linked the idea of merging craftsmanship (the fine art) with modern technology. 

Thinking about the web one might have the idea that everything can work in an automated way, without the slightest human intervention, but  this is just a misconception.  In our work there is a lot of human starting with the ability to analyze the projects, to the creation of the code that is needed to use them.  This is the reason why we have made the values of this artistic movementour own, and we feel them in our daily work still very relevant.

After all, what's more rationally equal than the Web?

When we embarked on this journey several years ago now, we immediately felt the need to create a work environment able to connects technology with all customer needs in a practical, useful and humane way. 

Among our services you can find: strategy, graphic design, web designapp development, commercial photography, very different fields that can give our clients any service they need to support their businesses.

Meet the team!

Matteo Casadei

CEO & IT Manager


Web/App Developer


Web Developer


SEO & ADV Specialist


Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager


UI/UX, Web & Graphic Designer


Web Designer




Backend Developer


Web/App Developer


Via III Settembre, 89
47891, Dogana (RSM)
Rep. di San Marino
C.O.E. SM 28459


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Giuliana Matteini
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Alessandro Cervesato
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Matteo Gasperoni
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Luca Albani
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Roberta Onirika
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