Google Adwords

Studio99 can offer Google Adwords customized campaigns through a strategy arranged with the client, based on an analysis of the competition and a study of the keywords to be used.

Campaigns can be structured for either Display Network, Search Network or Video.

We carry out campaigns according to the goals set with the company: engagement, fanbase growing, traffic, remarketing, catalog, video, always keeping the target audience in mind.

Meta Advertising

Customized Facebook Ads, developed through canvases, carousel and the latest graphic techniques.

Each advertisement will be structured by carefully analyzing the target audience.

This kind of advertisements will be released not only on Facebook platform, but also on Instagram and all other platforms in Networking (Apps, affiliated website, web application).

TikTok Advertising

Customized TikTok business Ads, sviluppate conceived through the best video formats and intended for different goals such as: increasing fanbase, online sales, acquiring leads.

Each advertisement will be structured by carefully analyzing the target audience.

Build your Brand Awarness


Studio 99 will analyze the target audience based on the client's needs; whether it's to get sales, improve brand identity or get leads, we will optimize your Ads for maximum results at the lowest price.


Throught the media content provided by the client  or beign an active part in creating Ads content itself, we will create different campaigns intended for multiple media and platforms.


Once the ads campaign is over, we will produce a report of actions and spending to figure out which path to pursue for later Ads.


Based on the results achieved we will go on to redefine the outlines of our strategy with periodic scheduling.

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