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Web Application

Web App are the best way to streamline your work, thanks to the ability to connect from anywhere, without the installation of software or add-ons, speeding up your work time.

Our Web Application are able to provide an intuitive management-level interface for customers and suppliers.

Each application involves the development of a design plan and the implementation of an interface that follows the best solutions of UX.

Progressive Web App

Progressive web app are among the cheapest and simplest solutions for those who want to develop an application. The main advantages of developing this type of application certainly include the straightforwardness in updating the content published on the app without having to depend on the stores (Play Store and App Store) and the reviewing of the applications entered into the system.

App Mobile

Studio 99 design and develops Mobile App for iOS e Android.

Solutions are tailored and customized to the needs of each client, who finds in us a partner who accompanies them from development to support over time.

Your ideas for successful App


Each App originates from a basic idea that is scrupulously analyzed considering any critical issues and possible solutions for the project.

We will also draw up an accurate development plan aimed at ensuring the proper and rapid progress of the pre-established technical steps.


We design and test every single aesthetic detail to ensure its highest standard in terms of design, functionality and usability.

The features of icons and buttons will fall within the aesthetic line prefigured for the final UI layout, so as to enhance the User Experience.


User Experience is the aggregation of the emotions, perceptions, and reactions a person feels when interacting with a product or service: it is the equivalent to the subjective degree of compliance between expectations and satisfaction when interacting with the system, whether physical (e.g., ticketing machine) rather than digital (e.g., online shopping).


App programming and development require specific high-level skills to reduce and prevent any potential crashes, unexpected errors or unexpected malfunctions.

by the time the App reaches the final stage of its development, it will be important to test all its features to the fullest.

For the ultimate purpose of ensuring high performance and complete efficiency, all our Apps are developed with the appropriate native Apple and Android languages.

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