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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is what defines a series of activities intended to optimize, both internally and externally, the website

SEO on site and off site, are the optimizations necessary for the website to improve its visibility in search engine results

This service is intended for all our clients that wish to benefit of advanced consulting.

An investment for medium and long term

What mainly separates SEO from other webmarketing strategies, is the possibility of getting in touch with highly targeted traffic and making a steady growth in the medium and long term. Unlike advertising campaigns, SEO will not make us disappear from the references of our audience once the investment is turned off.

Why invest in SEO?

Every day millions of users search on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc...). When you decide to invest in professional SEO services and consulting you can achieve improvements in your rankings on these very engines, increasing the number of visitors from organic channels, e.g. from Google. 

Companies will then be able to achieve improved online exposure and increase the contacts generated by the website. SEO is effective over time so it will be possible to collect the results of the work done even years later.


As in all marketing processes it is always required to start with a preliminary analysis step, that will include a diagnostic study of the structure of the website and an investigation of the activities of the main competitor

The main points taken into consideration: a study of services and products provided by our client, a check on the indexing of the website, a qualitative analysis of the code used to structure the site (html, CSS, Javascript, PHP), an analysis of optimization and compatibility for mobile, a semantic, linguistic, related to meta tags and main keywords evaluation.


Optimization involves a series of technical interventions on the website, aimed at removing any aspect that may hinder the acquisition of content for the search engine.
Depending on the website (web, portal, eCommerce) will be performed targeted interventions.

Such optimization will not, however, compromise the design of the site, but may involve an edit at the level of textual content and meta information.

Our SEO interventions will take place in compliance with search engine policies (mainly those of Google), this is to ensure steady results that will not be compromised by future penalties.

link building

Link Building is a pivotal point of successful SEO programming, and its cost can vary depending on the presence and investments of competitors within the same market segment. Two metrics are related to link building: website  Popularity and Authority.

The Popularity link is the amount of inbound links, that is the reputation of the individual or institution that is talking about us. 

The Authority link is the score that comes from the quality of links we receive, calculated in a given business environment.


To track performance, achievements, and analyze future actions, it will always be necessary to hook up Google Analytics to our website.

Google Analytics is An important tool that allows us at all times to monitor website access, the origin channels of the website visits and verify the increasing benefits of the ranking plan.

Each month there will be detailed SEO reporting, which will allow our clients to see the results of the ranking program and check the actual improvements in SEO positioning compared to the original pre-optimization situation.

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