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Sysadmin operation directly on our servers

We provide our clients with high-end servers able to guarantee excellent results in terms of performance. All websites, ecommerce, web applications and web services are placed in physical or virtual machines managed directly by Studio99 staff. 

We have complete access to our servers and we can independently manage their resources, libraries and services. We are responsible for maintenance and keep them under control at all times. We can handle dedicated servers with Linux (Debian, Centos, Alma) operating system.

Backup your projects on our Disaster Recovery system

We perform regular backups of your projects on online servers and additional copies on servers located in our premises.  There is an additional disaster recovery system on the company servers to protect what is saved. Your projects have never been safer and ready to be recovered in very short times.

Email solutions

We are able to provide you customized business emails connected to your domain. We can work with different types of email services in order to find the solution the best meets your needs in term of emails size and costs. We also able to work with high profile services such Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to provide the best email services in terms of storage and availability.

Our technologies

These are some of the technologies we deal with every day and on which we have developed our know-how and skills over time:


Dedicated Server allow for high performance with a cost proportional to what the server offers.

It is recommended for projects of a high caliber: high performance in terms of CPU and RAM, numbers of connections and high space requirements for document storage (images or documents).

On the physical server all resources are exclusively dedicated to your project.


Virtual private server or VPS, allow medium to high performance with moderately low cost. It is recommended for projects where high performance is not required since the machine resources are shared within the host server.

In the event that the VPS reaches the maximum limit of its resources, however, it is possible to make an increase in the assigned resources before proceeding with a migration to a more powerful machine.

High Availability

If your project needs to have guarantees in terms of continuity, we are able to design a High Availability environment.

Thanks to the High Availability, your project will be distributed across multiple servers capable of guaranteeing continuity of services even in the event of a downtime of one or more machines.

We also design systems with Disaster Recovery capable of reducing recovery times in the event of a disaster.


We also provide an entry-level service such as our hosting.

Is hosted within a high-performance server fully managed by Studio99 staff.

Included in the cost of our hosting services is a weekly backup activity within our own servers.

The cost of our hosting services, as well as the previous ones, also includes daily backup activities within multiple company servers.

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